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    About Us
    Nanjing Saint Wisdom Enterprise Management Consultants Limited (China) is learning institutions (also as the Zhongshengzhi), is dedicated to the integration of ancient and modern intellectual resources, to businesses, non-profit organizations, senior managers, engineers, university students. we are institution to transfer wisdom and enhance professionalism, to training and coaching of business operations, counseling of professional bodies. we have the customer resource with sharing internal and external, dual win-win and co-occurrence value for our stakeholders. Saint Wisdom has hundreds of VIP customers, more than two thousand enterprise customers. we arranged dozens success of Australia John Coutis, its are famous internationally training of large forums; dozens of success training from Taiwan guru Mr. Zhang Jingui, and success trainings of domestic and other well-known masters such as Yu Mingyang The company has a strong development team and of course very complete and strict lecturer selection system, the team consists of a full-time curriculum consultant, senior industry experience MBA, famous universities local and abroad (such as Peking University) and other well-known lecturer from integration; we are committed to constantly improve the existing curriculum system and continue to develop new courses will be ancient and modern advanced concepts, stories and wisdom combined with the actual situation of each row colleagues, our training and learning is in the form of a simple and comprehensive way, with highly practical, innovative and unique perspective. The company mainly training covered the financial industry, electric power, telecom operators, Supplier Chain, and other areas of the college students career planning, consultancy and advisory. We conduct the successful customized training system for China Minsheng Bank, Nanjing Bank, ICBC, China Postal Savings Bank branch, etc, and has won widespread praise customers.
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    Add: 130, the body of Name Block, Block A, Room 506, Jianye District, Nanjing, the body of Street